Sometimes, it can be useful to provide a link to your web form that automatically inserts some data into the form (based on dynamic user data). An example of this would be sending a form link out in an email campaign, pre-populating the form with the user's name and email address.

Step 1: Add a Query String to the Form URL

We will add something called a query string to our form URL. This will allow us to specify a field name and a bit of text we want to automatically show up inside that field. Let’s say we want to pre-populate the field with the user's name and email address.

Let’s say our original form URL looks like this:

You want to pre-populate the form's first name, last name and email from the Mailchimp distribution list:

  • contact_fname=*|FNAME|*
  • contact_lname=*|LNAME|*
  • contact_email=*|EMAIL|*

You can find Mailchimp Merge Tags Cheat Sheet here.

The Query would look like this:[contact_fname]=*|FNAME|*&prepop[contact_lname]=*|LNAME|*&prepop[contact_email]=*|EMAIL|*

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