Out of the box, Framestr allows users and businesses to integrate their contact forms with Mailchimp. To get started, you have to have access to a Mailchimp account. An account can be created here.

Creating Lists

If you have not created a Mailchimp list yet, click on “Lists” at the top. From here you can view your lists or have the option of creating a new list. If you’re creating a new list, Mailchimp will walk you through all the necessary information to get started.

Generate an API Key

Now that your first list has been created, it’s time to generate an API key. Go to your profile by clicking on the notifications dropdown found on the right side of the toolbar. Once you access your profile, click on “Extras” -> “API Keys” -> “Create a Key”. It’s recommended that you modify “Label: None” to “Label: Framestr”.

Copy the API key, this will be required when setting up Mailchimp integration inside Framestr.

Connecting Framestr to Mailchimp

In the Framestr dashboard, visit the organization settings area (“settings” -> “organizations”) and select the organization you would like to integrate with Mailchimp.

On the settings page, add in the Mailchimp API key under “Mailchimp API Key”.

Adding Mailchimp to your Framestr Forms

Click the form edit button on the form you’re looking to add Mailchimp to. From here there are two items that are required, adding specific fields to your forms and identifying the list and fields you want Mailchimp to access (under “Integrations”).

First, visit the form builder and make sure that email (required), opt-in checkbox (required), first name (optional), last name (optional) are added to your form. Then click on the “Integrations” tab and select your list you would like contacts added to (inside Mailchimp), name of your email field, the opt-in checkbox name added inside the form builder, first and last name.

You now should be all setup and ready to go.

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