Ever wish you could learn more about your form users? You don’t need fancy form tracking software—all you need is Framestr! Our plugin allows you to add the power of Google Analytics to any form. To get started, you have to have access to a Google Analytics account. An account can be created here.

Benefits of Google Analytics on your website:

How might you optimize your form—and your website—if you knew more about potential customers? Tracking your form allows you to learn more about your users. For example:

  • Where do your users come from on the web?
  • How long are people on your site?
  • Which keywords and search terms are leading to more form traffic?
  • What do users do on your site?
  • How much time do they spend overall and on which pages?

Each piece of data is like a little clue that reveals:

  • Who your customer is
  • What they want
  • Where they live
  • When they visited
  • Why they left

How do I enable Google Analytics on my forms?

Tracking form submissions with Google Analytics is easy. Log in to your Framestr account and choose the form to which you’d like to add the plugin. Go to the Integrations tab > Google Analytics and click Activate.

Next, enter your Google Tracking ID. You can find it in your Google Analytics account (under the admin channel). Once the plugin has been added, all submission activity going forward will be tracked. To review it, simply log into your Google Analytics account.

Note: The plugin supports Google Universal Analytics. If you have not yet migrated your Google Analytics account to Universal Analytics, you will need to do so before using the plugin. You can find instructions at the Universal Analytics Upgrade Center in Google Analytics.

How do I track form submissions, goals and views in Google Analytics?

Once you’ve enabled form tracking, you can review form activity and data in your Google Analytics account. Google Analytics can record anything from page views to button clicks. Framestr automatically creates these events on your form when you enable the plugin.

To find event tracking in your Google Analytics account, look at the left sidebar. Go to Behavior > Events > Overview. Google Analytics events are tagged with three attributes: Category, Action, and Label.

1. Category indicates which Framestr form is being tracked.

The category will read as Framestr Form followed by the unique form ID. To find the unique ID of your form, go to the Integrations tab, click "Edit" next to "Google Analytics". The ID number will be visible in this area.

2. Actions are specific actions that will be recorded on the form page.

The events currently being tracked include "view" and "submission".

3. Labels give more detailed descriptions of the actions that occur on a page.

  • View: when the form is viewed by a user
  • Submit: when the form is submitted

How do I create Goals around a Submission event?

Evaluate the effectiveness of your forms from within Google Analytics by setting up a Goal around the submit event.

Sign into your Google Analytics account and click "Admin" at the top of the screen.

Then click "Goals", then the red "+New Goal" button.

Next, choose "Custom" at the bottom of the "Goal Setup" step and click "Continue".

At the "Goal Description" step, name your goal and choose "Event" as the type. Click "Continue".

At the "Goal Details" step fill out only the "Category" and "Action" fields.

The Category will be "Framestr Form {Your Form ID}. Ex. Framestr Form 10875

As discussed above, to find the unique ID of your form, go to the Integrations tab, click "Edit" next to "Google Analytics". The ID number will be visible in this area.

Set the "Use the Event value as the Goal Value for the conversion" slider to "Yes" and click the "Verify this Goal" to check to see if the goal would have converted based on your prior data. This is a great way to make sure the Goal is set up correctly.

Click "Save" and you've just created a goal around the Submit event of your form!

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