Running a highly effective Pay Per Click campaign is extremely reliant on proper implementation of tracking and conversion targeting. With Framestr online forms, it's easy to track form submissions directly inside of Google AdWords. Inside the form builder, select the "AdWords" integration and pop in the tracking code provided by Google. In a few minutes, you'll be tracking conversions like a pro!

To get started:

  • Log in to your Google AdWords account
  • Select the appropriate campaign
  • Click on "Tools" -> "Conversion"
  • Create a new "Conversion"
  • Select your source, in most cases this will be "Website"
  • Fill out the appropriate settings
  • Copy the snippet at the bottom of the page (Install your tag)
  • Go to the form in your dashboard
  • In the form builder, click "Integrations" -> "AdWords" and paste the snippet of code
  • Make sure to click "Update"

You are all set up at this point!

In some cases, you may end up redirecting the user after a form submission. In this event, Framestr is unable to track the conversion inside of AdWords. In this situation, is recommended to install the snippet on the page (i.e. /thank-you page). Please consult with a developer to ensure best practices.

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