By connecting Follow Up Boss to Framestr, you can automatically get all Framestr online form submissions into your Follow Up Boss (FUB) account. From here, you can easily follow up and start running automated follow up text and email campaigns.

Framestr allows users to specify the following, at the organization level (applies to all forms) or the form level (only applies to the specific form):

To get started:

  • Create an account at FUB here
  • Get your API key from FUB. This can be found in your FUB dashboard under "Admin" -> "API". See here for additional details.
  • Go to the "Integrations" area of your Framestr dashboard
  • Go to "Follow Up Boss" -> "View"
  • Enter in your secret API key and then click "Update"
  • From here you can specify the user you'd like assigned to each lead, which stage each lead should be in (i.e. Lead, Nurture, Buyer, Closed, etc...) and which tags you'd like added to each new lead. As mentioned above, this can also be specified at the form level (i.e. you have different forms for each pre-construction condo).
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