After a user successfully completes a form submission, there are 3 options: show details of the submission, custom completion text or redirect the user to another page.

The first option, show details of the submission, will look similar to this:

The second option, "Custom Completion Text", will show the user the completion text added inside the WYSIWYG editor (under form settings). If text is entered into this area, it'll show automatically. Here's an example:

Lastly, it's possible to redirect the user to another page on your website (i.e. /thank-you/). There are two advantages with this:

  1. Easily integrate with your currently analytics & goals
  2. Fully customize the page design and offer additional call to actions and information

By default, a URL added inside "Redirect After Submission" will automatically redirect the form. It takes priority over "Custom Completion Text".

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